Litepick Bank offers a favorable loan. Credit card for 50 days: conditions and reviews


Litepick Bank offers a favorable loan. Credit card for 50 days: conditions and reviews

Credit cards combine the best features of credit and bank cards. You can restore the limit, use their grace periods and bonus programs.

One of the best services offered by Litepick Bank – credit card for 50 days. Terms, reviews, customer interest rates will pleasantly surprise you. It is one of the right decisions for economic people because the overpayment will be 0%.


Litepick Bank credit card for 50 days: conditions

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Ways to apply for a credit card:

  1. On the Bank’s website (a call from the manager will be received and the application will be reviewed to clarify the details).
  2. By calling the hotline (the specialist will help you select the conditions that are most appropriate for the client, request the necessary data, and submit a request for review).
  3. At the bank branch (the credit specialist accepts the application).

The card can be obtained on the day of credit approval. The entire process takes a small amount of time and requires no effort.

Conditions for Litepick Bank credit card service:

  • The limit is set individually.
  • The grace period is 50 days.
  • The monthly payment is at least 5% of the total debt.
  • It is possible to reissue the card in advance.
  • The message can be received in time by mail or e-mail.
  • The payment systems to which the cards are attached are the most common and are suitable for use almost anywhere.


Grace period

Grace period means that it is possible to use funds within the credit limit. Basically, a client who borrows from a bank has the right not to pay interest. In order for the overpayment to be 0% and the bank does not offer interest or interest, you must be able to correctly calculate the grace period.

In fact, it equals thirty days of reporting and advanced days of the billing period. Money spent by wire transfer must be returned before the end of the payment period. The starting point is the date the card was activated, not the beginning of the month, as many believe. Once the card is activated, the reporting period, which is reserved for credit consumption, begins. The later the money is withdrawn from the card, the less the grace period.

Remember that once the first reporting period is over, the second will begin. This means that the second reporting period is already running during the first payment period.


Litepick Bank 50 day credit card: terms, reviews and interest rate

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Today, the bank has become one of the most popular. Convenient service for many to contact Litepick Bank is a credit card for 50 days. Terms of use, customer reviews, reduced interest rate – everything is accessible and convenient for borrowers.

They want to get Litepick Bank credit cards for many citizens, but not everyone knows how to use them better and better. Debtors who know how to use the grace period are satisfied with the Litepick Bank cards. Only positive and grateful reviews come from them. They are simply calculated by bank transfer and return the amount spent until a certain date without losing a dime. The right use of credit cards makes life easier for many customers. They do not have to borrow from friends or relatives, they simply borrow money from the bank by credit card. The main thing is to repay the debt within a certain period. The card then serves as a replacement wallet.

Remember that the grace period only applies to cashless payment transactions. If the money was withdrawn in cash at an ATM, the interest on it will start running in the same second and a commission for withdrawing money of 3% will be charged.

Interest is calculated only from the amount collected. To date, the Litepick Bank interest rate on cards ranges from 25.9% to 33.9%.


Required documents

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The most important and binding documents are passport and dreams. If the limit exceeds 100,000 dollars, a receipt document will be required. If the debtor cannot bring such a document, he is invited to submit it to the accounting department to complete the certificate. 2NDFL is not required for customers receiving wages through Litepick Bank.

The decision will be influenced by the borrower’s credit history, additional income, age and place of residence.

If you carefully study all the features of a credit card, you can understand the essence of their convenience. At that time a 50-day love period on the Litepick Bank card helped solve the most basic financial problems.

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